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Connect easy, connect globally without compromising your privacy!

Comera keeps your friends and family close to you. You share photos, videos, and have all kinds of conversations.

• Contact syncing
• Free audio video call
• Messaging
• End-to-end encryption
• Group chats
• High-quality File sharing
• Notification
• Location sharing
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Cycling is more than just a competition, it’s a community, Mywhoosh will help you ace it!

Train and Ride with friends and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world with MyWhoosh, right from the comfort of your home. Your go-to app for a complete virtual-cycling experience.

• Workouts designed by world-class coaches
• Challenging esports events
• Innovative home workout
• Immersive world experience
• Track your progress and analyse your cycling performances
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Get all your daily needs delivered to your door.

Labaiik is your go-to app for one-touch grocery shopping from the comfort of your home. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s completely hassle-free.

• Favourite food delivered in 45 mins
• Hassle free shopping with free home delivery
• Over the counter medicines from Labaiik
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A whole world of freelance talents at your fingerprints.

A marketplace for the licensed freelancers in the UAE, whether you need a photographer for an event, a chef for your home, Plan your trip, or a complete makeover. Hyre is here and we have everything to cater to your lifestyle.

• Post your job
• Find a freelancer
• Verified freelancers
• Safe online payments
• Find options for every budget
• Quality work done quickly
• Work independently
• Offline and remote services
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WhyKillMyFox#4566 , 03/21/2021

Group Call

Excellent app with no issues. Would really like if developers would add group calls in it.

sumaze , 07/25/2020

Best app

Very easy to use reliable. Love it

i@mA , 02/17/2021


Excellent app for voice and video communication. Would be great if support provided for Mac.

SupremacyOrNothing , 13/02/2022

The next best thing ✊🏻

This App is becoming my best friend. Has many advantages over zwift, it’s enhancing rapidly and becoming the next best thing.

mekakamalnath , 30/01/2022

Real good experience

Great graphics and enriching experience. Indoor cycling is fun in Abu Dhabi because of this app. Also has races every weekend.

owidididid , 14/02/2022

Best app

Amazing application for indoor cycling.

January 3, 2022

Abisaleeth Bavu

So far so good. Great app for local purchases and same time delivery. Kudos team Labaiik! 👍 Use my referral code ABOCM for referral rewards.

November 23, 2021

Jagadeesh M Jagadeesh

Quick Delivery, Saves lot of time, can search for products at your finger tips, multiple options, and good customer service

September 3, 2021

Mohammed Malik

Well I enjoyed ordering grocery on food. They are doing there best to deliver the order in 60 minutes..lookout forward to order again...!!!!


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At AVRIOC, we share ideas and experiences to bring all the skills to create new possibilities and opportunities for mutual growth. Excellence is not something innate, and rather is something that one can develop, we strive to achieve the same by going the extra mile, empowering self, and being organized.

Work is a life sport and only with teamwork we can win it. Teamwork doesn't just benefit the organization; it can also increase job satisfaction and lead to better results. Working in teams allows employees more opportunities to release their creative ideas and offers a greater sense of belonging.

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