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Who we are

Abu Dhabi based Avrioc Technologies has been over a decade in the making and continues to grow with new innovative products that are used every day in the GCC market and all over the world.
We invest in the infrastructural design combined with the best career opportunities, administrative support, and a friendly environment that enable us to satisfy our company’s biggest asset, Our employees!

  • Cutting edge innovation
  • Creativity that breaks barriers
  • Technology that shapes the Future
Our Values

Core Values.



We work virtuously in a teamwork mindset; our team agree on and understand their roles while holding each other accountable for their responsibilities. Meanwhile, in a collaborative context, with valuable insights. They respectfully interchange, negotiate, and test ideas to arrive at a fresh or innovative solution.

• Recognize and celebrate team strengths
• Collaborative teams
• Open communication
• Set clear expectations
• Embrace change


We at Avrioc are dedicated to a set of moral ideals, such as honesty, virtue, accountability, dependability, responsibility, and loyalty. This core principle is critical for us to form strong, trust-based professional relationships, which will result both in happier employers and employees.

• To express gratitude for others in the team
• Value honesty and openness 
• Demonstrate reliability & maintain confidentiality
• Show patience and flexibility


To achieve excellence, it’s essential to have clear and concrete goals. At Avrioc we strive for excellence at work by challenging ourselves and stepping out of our convenience because convenience gives rise to average performance.

• Provide optimistic vision
• Focus on high performers 
• Break Convenience
• Solve problems


Having a strong commitment to your work can potentially create growth opportunities. By learning skills to improve the quality of our work we increase our commitment and passion. These advanced skills can open up new opportunities by expanding our skillset and creating new career pathways.

• Autonomy
• Practice innovation
• Learn new skills
• Passion for goals and values

Why Join Us

We provide a motivational factor for our employees to enjoy their work which helps stimulate ideas and creativity in turn empowers us to build a high-performance team that delivers innovative products and implements cutting-edge technology to abridge everyday life.